Unique Snow White Birthday Ideas

Mirror, mirror on the wall, check out the best Snow White birthday ideas of all.

Birthdays, Halloween and any other special occasion can be celebrated with a Snow White birthday party.

Sprinkle Snow White throughout the invitations, decorations, party supplies, activities and games. The following guidelines will help you plan the perfect Disney Snow White birthday party.

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Snow White Party Supplies

Cups, napkins, plates and utensil are essential party supplies. Disney Snow White supplies are available and really add to the theme. Don’t forget those table decorations. Click here for more information on Snow White party supplies.

Snow White Invitations
Shape your invitations to resemble a mirror inviting the fairest in the land to attend your party. Disney Snow White invitations can also be purchased.

Create the atmosphere.
Play Snow White music such as Whistle While You Work or Someday My Prince Will Come.

Will you be decorating the room to look like the Dwarve's cottage with mini-sized furnishings? You could also decorate the room to look like a castle.

Snow White Costume
The Snow White birthday girl should dress the part and invite her guests to wear a Snow White dress as well.

Snow White Activities

As the guests arrive, they can begin dressing up as the fairest in the land or they can play the Seven Dwarves Guess-Who Game. Check out all our gathering activity ideas.

Snow White Games

The Seven Dwarves Charades or Poisoned Apple are fun games that kids can really get into. Be sure to check out all our Snow White game ideas.

Additional Snow White Activities
Do your guests like to cook? Have them make their own caramel apple on a stick. Decorating their own magic mirror is also a great activity and lets them have a memento of the party.

Snow White Cake
No Snow White festivity is complete without a Snow White cake. Some people choose to purchase a Snow White cake from a bakery. However, if you want to personalize the cake, purchase a Snow White cake supply kit. For the more creative, make the cake yourself.

Some popular Snow White gifts include a Snow White book or a Snow White DVD. Additional suggestions include a Snow White doll, available in both Barbie-sized and mini-sized.

Snow White costumes are also popular. They can be used for dress-up or for Halloween.

Snow White is not always featured alone on the popular toys you will find in the stores, but she does appear in combination with the other Disney princesses.

Snow White Party Favors
Carmel apples, small mirrors and red, yellow and blue hair bows make great Snow White party favors.

Remembering the Party
After a magical party, take the time to ensure it will be remembered. Scrapbooking, photo books and party videos are some ideas to keep the memory fresh.

Snow White Thank You Notes
If your child helps make thank you notes, make them over several days so she does not get burned out. Match the thank you notes to the party invitations.

Final Thoughts
Enjoy your low-stress party planning. With these Snow White party ideas you can create special memories with your princess.

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