Princess Party Supply Essentials

When planning a princess party, start by making a princess party supply list. List essentials such as paper products (plates, napkins, cups, utensils), along with table coverings, centerpieces, decorations and party favors.

We highly recommend the following party suppliers. They have excellent products and prompt delivery. Compare each company and determine which one will meet your princess party needs. You won't be disappointed with any of them.

Party Suppliers with Princess Items

Celebrate Express

Birthday in a Box!

Designed 2B Sweet

Unique Birthday Party Invitations

Tiny Prints Personalized Birthday Party Invitations

Some of our favorite kits include the popular princess party kit from Birthday Express. Keep in mind that you can select a variety of princess supply kits for your party, including value packs, based on your needs. You also have the option to purchase items individually.

Birthday Princess Basic Party Pack

Another popular option is a pink party supply kit. from Birthday Express. This is a less expensive option that still creates a fabulous princess party and simple is sometimes more elegant.

Light Pink Deluxe Pack for 24

Making Do With What You Have
Not everyone has the means or desire to buy disposable princess party supplies. However, you can still create a royal atmosphere with items you may already have.

Nothing will bring elegance to a party like a beautifully arranged table. A classy tablecloth, fine china and silverware and a flower centerpiece will make anyone feel like they are royalty.

Eating with china is often rare and will be considered a special treat at a princess party. An extra set of hands (and eyes) will help ensure that your china remains in one piece at the end of the party. Of course, this idea may not be appropriate for very young guests.

Whether you order party supplies or use your own, create a princess party atmosphere your little princess will remember forever.

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