Beauty and the Beast Theme
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If you are planning a party with a Beauty and the Beast theme, we have a lot of ideas to help you pull it off successfully.

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A Beauty and the Beast poster hung in the party room would help bring the theme together. Since Belle loves reading, the room could be decorated as a library. Simply bring in some bookshelves and fill them with books. (The bookshelves do not have to be very tall). You could even add a step ladder to the ensemble. If your guests are small, a stepstool can be used.

Another option is to decorate the room like the Beast’s ballroom. Hold the party in a room with a wooden floor if you have one. If not, you could use a large square of butcher paper. (Make sure the guests remove their shoes before dancing so the paper lasts for the whole party.)

Rose petals on the floor and on the party table are a must to bring the theme together.

If you want to make your own invitation, you can shape it like a book, a handheld mirror or a rose.

Party Activities
Beauty and the Beast coloring pages can be used for a party activity. In addition, you could have free-hand drawing contest.

Teaching your guests how to make a simple clay rose is another fun party activity and can make a great token to remember the party.

Finally, since Belle is a reader, you can make a book. You could make a memory book craft. This can be done simply with few supplies and can be part of the party favor bag.

Another book idea is to make a story as a group. Each person writes a couple of sentences on one page or draws a picture and then passes the book to the next guest. The ending story will be unexpected and unforgettable.

Belle Cake
A Beauty and the Beast cake is a must to pull the theme together. There are Belle cake toppers that can be added to a cake. A topper would look great on a castle cake or a plain sheet cake. Another idea is to shape the cake like a mirror or a rose.

If your princess loves Belle, consider the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. Or if she is musical, consider Beauty and the Beast piano sheet music.

The movie Beauty and the Beast is also a good choice for a gift. There are several movies starring Belle that make great presents.

The story of Beauty and the Beast is also another great alternative, especially if your princess is a reader like Belle. There are several versions of the story depending on the age of the birthday girl.

Another option is the Beauty and the Beast Broadway production. If it is playing near you, it is well worth the cost.

Finally, a Princess Belle dress is a gift your princess will love. A dress is an especially good idea if the birthday is close to Easter or another occasion where a frilly dress will be needed.

Inviting the guests to come in their Beauty and the Beast costumes is a fun way to feel the Beauty and the Beast theme. The Disney princess Belle costume works for girls attending the party. However, any little boys invited to the party would enjoy dressing up as the Beast.

Final Words
A Beauty and the Beast themed birthday party can come together nicely with Beauty and the Beast songs playing in the background, fun invitations and decorations, Princess Belle cake and princess party favors. Princesses and beasts alike, will all enjoy themselves at your memorable party.

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