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Under the Sea Festivities

Swim parties are one of our favorite Little Mermaid birthday party ideas. Although Little Mermaid birthday parties are the most popular, any occasion can warrant a princess party. Parties in the summer work out great as swim parties. Of course, there are plenty of other Ariel party ideas if you don’t want to get in the water.

The Little Mermaid theme should flow into the invitations, decorations, party supplies, activities and games. Follow these guidelines to plan the perfect Ariel theme party.

Impress Us
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Do you have a fun Little Mermaid party idea? Share Ariel games, cake or decorations. We want to hear it all! Share your ideas here.

Under-the-Sea Invitations.
A giant sea shell or a mermaid shaped invite make great invitations.

Little Mermaid Party Supplies

Party supplies are essential. Little Mermaid party packs are convenient. It is a great idea to purchase the packs – they are usually a little cheaper than buying individual party supply items. The party packs often include some decorations, thank you cards, balloons, and party favors. Click here for more information on party supplies.

Create the atmosphere.
Ariel is a singer, so play music from The Little Mermaid at your party.

Another Little Mermaid birthday party idea is to decorate the room to look like the ocean floor under the sea. Or make the room resemble Prince Eric’s ship.

Dressing like Ariel
Invite guests to dress up like Ariel for the party. Ariel costumes can be fun. Don't forget the hair and jewelry.

Little Mermaid Activities

As the guests begin to arrive, begin The Little Mermaid Guess-Who Game. Or guests can make under-the-sea instruments and begin playing along with the music.

The Little Mermaid Games

Little Mermaid Memory or Flotsam and Jetsam Freeze Tag are fun games that kids love. Check out our suggestions for water and land Little Mermaid games.

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake
Think "outside the sea shell" when planning your Ariel birthday cake. There are many ways to make a mermaid cake.

Ariel Costumes
Don't forget to invite all your guests to dress up as Ariel. Ariel costumes can be mermaid costumes or "human Ariel" costumes.

Little Mermaid Gifts

There are many wonderful Ariel-themed gifts. Consider an Ariel doll, either Barbie-size or mini-sized. I've seen them in both human and mermaid form. Some dolls even have removable fins, allowing you to change the doll from mermaid to human.

The Little Mermaid soundtrack is also a great gift, especially if your little princess loves singing or dancing.

If your princess loves to get dressed up, consider a seashell necklace, bracelet or hair clip. These can be purchased or handmade for personalized touch.

Puzzles are also great gift ideas. There are simple to more complex puzzles, depending on the level your child is at. Some puzzles feature multiple Disney princesses, while others only have the characters from The Little Mermaid.

Posters, sheets, pillows, comforters and alarm clocks are great gift ideas for an Ariel-themed bedroom. Either start the theme with these gifts, or give additional objects that add to the theme.

Finally, The Little Mermaid theater production is an unforgettable gift. We attended an adaptation of the fairy tale in Arizona at Hale Center Theater and my daughter loved it and talked about it for weeks.

Little Mermaid Party Favors
A sea shell necklace, bracelet and compact are great items to include in the Little Mermaid party favor bag.

Remembering the Party
One of our most important Little Mermaid birthday party ideas is to ensure the party will be remembered. Scrapbooking, photo books and party videos are some ideas to keep the memory fresh. Look at our examples.

Little Mermaid Thank You Notes
A true princess never forgets to send thank you notes. Match your thank you notes to the invitations you sent. They can be shaped like a mermaid or sea shell.

Final Thoughts
These Little Mermaid birthday party ideas are meant to plan a party with minimal stress. Remember to relax and enjoy the day along with your special princess.

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