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A Disney Princess birthday party is the perfect theme if your little princess loves Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Tinker Bell and all the others. There are several party details that can really bring the Disney Princess theme to life. Starting with Disney Princess invitations, using Disney Princess party supplies and playing Disney Princess games are just some of the essentials to make your Disney Princess birthday party magical.

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Disney Princess Invitations
A Disney Princess party begins with the invitations. Many party stores sell packs of Disney Princess Birthday Invitations.

Making your own invitations can be fun too. Invitations shaped as a castle, princess crown, coach or sea shell are all great ideas. Adding Disney Princess stickers adds the finishing touch.

Disney Princess Party Supplies

Do not forget the party supplies. There are several places to get Disney Princess party supplies. Paper supplies such as table coverings, decorations, and paper products (plates, utensils, napkins, cups) can be purchased individually or in a kit.

Disney Princess Birthday Cake
There are several options for Disney Princess birthday cakes. Many local grocery store bakeries have Disney Princess themed cakes. In addition, many bakeries are equipped with edible ink and can copy any Disney Princess picture you have onto the cake. Check out your local bakery. They can probably make a great cake quickly and fairly inexpensively.

If you want to make your own cake, we also have some suggestions. When you make your own cake, be sure to add Disney Princess cake decorations to finish it off.

Disney Princess Games

Disney Princess games will be a hit with the princess guests. Disney Princess Bingo or Disney Princess Guess Who and Disney Princess Mystery Puzzle are games that are fun for all ages. Use Disney Princess music to play Musical chairs or Freeze Dance.

Disney Princess Costumes

Disney Princess costumes can be a fun addition to the Disney Princess birthday celebration. Since there are so many Disney princesses, each guest can dress up as her favorite princess. Invite the guests to come dressed up as their favorite Disney Princess. Snap a picture of each princess with the birthday girl. These pictures can be used when sending out thank-you notes after the party.

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