Fun Disney Princess Games
To Enchant Your Princess Guests

We love these Disney Princess games. They are unique, fun and easy to set-up and play. We hope you enjoy them.

Disney Princess Mystery Puzzle
Preparation: Choose several pictures of Disney Princesses that are about the same size. An old Disney Princess calendar works really well. Use spray adhesive to attach the pictures to a poster board. After the pictures are dry, cover with contact or laminating paper. Draw puzzle pieces on the back and cut the pieces out. Make enough puzzles for each guest.

Rules: Hide the puzzle pieces around the room. Make sure to tell the girls how many pieces are in each puzzle and how many puzzles there are. They players must put their puzzle together. The first one finished wins. This can be difficult as each player tries to figure out which pieces belong to their puzzle. Watch their excitement as they figure out which princess they have. Let the guests take their puzzle home with them.

Option: For younger players, keep the pieces of individual puzzles together. Or for a non-competitive Disney Princess game, have all the players work together to fix the puzzle.

Make Your Own Disney Princess Song
Preparation: Choose a couple of Disney princesses and either gather pictures from the story or write down words associated with the fairy tale. Examples include (for Cinderella) mice, pumpkin, stepsisters, ball. Think of a couple of tunes that are easily recognized by guests, such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or The Wheels on The Bus.

Rules: Divide the guests into 2 or 3 groups. Give each group the pictures or words from the Disney Princess story and assign them the melody to a song. Give the group 5 or 10 minutes to make up the words to a new princess song using their melody and all of the word strips they are given. When the groups are finished, have each group perform their song for the party.

Depending on the age of the groups, they may need some adult help. Encourage the girls to be creative (and silly). It makes it more fun.

Examples for specific princesses include:
Ariel: legs, singing, Ursula, sisters, sea shells
Jasmine: tiger, flying carpet, magic lamp, Aladdin
Snow White: apple, Sneezy, singing, mirror, seven dwarves

Optional: Combine a couple of princesses. That can be fun too.

Disney Princess Bingo
This is a popular Disney Princess game that all ages will enjoy.

Preparation: Make a bingo game table and fill the pieces with pictures, stickers or words that are associated with the Disney Princesses. Write each word that is used on a slip of paper. Get a container and put all the slips of paper inside. Get enough markers for each girl to cover her bingo sheet with. Markers could be sea shells or M & Ms.

Rules: Draw a slip of paper from the container and read it out loud. Instruct the players to cover their bingo square if they have it on their bingo card. The object is to cover one line completely. The line can be a row, a column or a diagonal. The first player to cover a line should yell Disney Princess Bingo.

To repeat the game, the winner can be responsible for drawing the slips of paper.

VIP (Very Important Princess)
Preparation: Write down descriptions of the Disney Princesses. Let each girl choose to be one of the princesses.

Rules: Instruct everyone to stand up. Tell them you are going to describe a Disney Princess VIP. Read each statement one at a time. If the statement describes the Disney Princess the guest has chosen, she should remain standing. If it does not describe the princess she has chosen, she should sit down. When there is only one girl standing, the other guests should guess which Disney Princess you are describing. Remember to start with general statements that could be several princesses and then more specific statements.

Suggestions for statements include:
I am beautiful.
I love to sing.
I love my father.
I like to read.
I fell in love with a beast.
Who am I?

Disney Princess Musical chairs
Preparation: Gather Disney Princess music and CD player. Set up chairs in a circle.

Rules: The girls must move around the circle while the music is playing. When the music stops, the girls must each find an empty chair to sit in. Any player without a chair is out of the circle. Remove one chair after each round. The winner is the person sitting in the last chair.

Disney Princess Freeze Dance
Preparation: Gather Disney Princess music and CD player.

Rules: Instruct the girls that they must dance like a princess when they hear the music. When the music stops, they must freeze.

Alternative: Turn on the Disney Princess music and let the girls dance for the whole song.

We hope that these Disney Princess games will be just what you are looking for. Have fun with them and have fun at your party.

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