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Princess Invitations

Perfect invitations set the tone for a perfect princess party. You can always purchase princess birthday party invitations from party supply stores such as Birthday in a Box or Celebrate Express. This is the quick and easy way to go.

If you have a little more time, you can make your own unique princess invitations. Some of our favorite princess invitation ideas are invitations in the shape of a: tiara, castle, princess dress, glass slipper or purse. Pink and purple are popular princess colors, but any color can be used on the invitations. Just make sure is sparkles with glitter or stickers.

Princess Party Supplies

You have options when it comes to princess party supplies. You can go all-princess or you can choose party supplies that are all pink. Check out our party supply suggestions.

For simple decoration ideas, use pink balloons, streamers and table covers. Princess banners can be hung on the wall and tiara or castle table centerpiece adds the finishing touch.

For more elaborate ideas, consider decorating the room to look like a castle, complete with the red carpet and a throne.

Also consider decorating the room to look like a ballroom, complete with a dancing floor.

Princess Costumes

Dress the part with a princess costume. Invite the guests to dress up as their favorite princess. There are a variety of stores that sell princess costumes. Buying or renting a costume is convenient. However, you can also make your own princess costume, which allows you to personalize your outfit. Do not forget the Princess crown.

Princess Games

Princess party games are at the heart of the party. Our favorite princess party game ideas include Princess Says, Happily Ever After, Princess Memory, Pin the Crown on the Princess and Frog or Prince. Princess Bingo Game is also popular with the little ladies.

Princess Activities
A princess fashion show is a sure hit for a princess party. Invite guests to dress their princess best for a fun fashion show on the runway.

Princess karaoke is another popular activity for princesses of any age. Be sure to have a few microphones.

Face painting and making balloon animals are also popular party activities. Hiring a princess or dressing up as a princess (or prince) while running the activities will really pull your guests into the theme.

Princess Pinatas are also a hit at the party.

Princess Crafts

One of our best princess party ideas is our princess craft ideas. Tiara-shaped purses, necklaces and bracelets, magic wands and princess crowns are all fun and easy princess crafts that guests will enjoy making and love taking home.

Princess Party Food

A royal princess deserves royal princess food. Appearance is everything when it comes to princess party food. Consider a chocolate fountain or an edible fruit arrangement. Or fill tea cups with lemonade and serve mini cookies and finger sandwiches on tea plates.

Princess Cake

Princess-themed birthday cakes are another great princess party idea. There are many ways to make a princess cake. A simple idea is to find a princess picture that would look good on a cake and then creating an edible picture that can be placed on top of the cake. Many local grocery stores have a bakery equipped with the printer and edible ink that can make your cake picture perfect.

Other ideas include making the cake into a princess doll or building a cake castle. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to creating the perfect princess cake.

Princess cupcakes can also be a creative way to bring in the princess theme.

Princess Gifts
There are an assortment of princess gifts on the market – everything from dolls, purses and accessories to clocks, pens, books and pillows.

Some of the best princess gifts are handmade items. If you have the time, consider making a princess necklace or bracelet. A princess bag, purse or pillow are all easy-to-sew items that can be personalized. Don’t forget personalized frames and mirrors that are easy to craft for your special princess.

Princess Party Favors

Princess party favors can be added to the tiara purse craft (that guests made at the party) or another small grab bag. Any crafts made at the party made great additions to the party favors.

Some additional great princess party favor suggestions include sparkle pens, princess note pads, nail polish, lip gloss, costume jewelry and stickers. A small amount a candy can be added to the party favor bag, but be aware of any allergies or other dietary restrictions guests may have.

Use these princess party ideas to create a fabulous, unforgettable princess party!

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