Essential Princess Party Checklist
For a Stress-Free Party

Cover all your bases for a fabulous party
with this Princess Party Checklist.

It is difficult to remember all the details that go into planning a fun party. This Princess Party Checklist will help you keep track of all the party tasks and will suggest unique ideas for personalizing the party. Explore our Pretty Princess Party Ideas website for theme suggestions and personalization tips.

  • Choose a princess as basis for theme
    Let your mini princess choose what princess theme she wants for a memorable party. Look at all of our party suggestion ideas for personalizing the party to fit the theme.

  • Choose a date.
    Be aware of holidays and other previously scheduled activities.

  • Book your location.
    If you are holding the party at a location other than your home, schedule months in advance to ensure availability.

  • Book your party entertainment.
    You may take care of all the entertainment yourself, but if you hire a princess, mermaid, storyteller or anyone else, book them one to two months in advance to ensure availability.

  • Make your guest list.
    There is no set number of guests you should invite. However, as a general rule, smaller groups are better when there are younger children. In addition, some party locations limit the number of guests included in the party price and charge extra for additional guests.

    If the party will be at your home, make sure that you can handle the number of guests you invite. Often, the child’s age, plus one additional guest is a manageable number.

  • Arrange for help during the party.
    You cannot do everything alone -- especially if there are small children at the party. Ask for help in taking pictures or video, or in running games or activities.

  • Send the Princess invitations.
    Send invitations at least two weeks in advance and request an RSVP so that you will have sufficient supplies. Make sure to include directions and a contact phone number and email address.

    Let the guests know the major party activities so they can dress appropriately. Invite them to dress as a princess and really get in to the chosen princess theme.

  • Choose the party food
    If food other than cake will be served, decide on the menu. Be aware of allergies of the guests and offer alternatives if appropriate. Match the menu to the theme.

  • Buy the party supplies.
    Party supplies are essential. Many stores sell party packs for convenience. It is a great idea to purchase the packs – they are usually a little cheaper than buying individual party supply items. The party packs often include some decorations, thank you cards, balloons, and party favors.

  • Create the atmosphere.
    Decorate according to theme. Pull your guests into the magic fairy tale.

    Play princess music to really enhance the atmosphere.

  • Choose age-appropriate gathering activities.
    As the guests begin to arrive, usher them to the prepared gathering activity. A gathering activity is something simple that the guests can do on their own until everyone is present and the festivities can begin.

  • Choose one or two Princess party games
    Check out our fun princess game or princess craft ideas. Be over-prepared with additional ideas in case there is extra time.

  • Choose another activity or craft
    Check out our variety of fun activity and craft ideas.

  • Serve a beautiful princess cake
    People will anticipate the cake, so make the occasion special. Some people choose to purchase a princess cake from a bakery. However, if you want to personalize the cake, purchase a princess cake supply kit. Also check out our more creative princess cake idea suggestions.

  • Make the gift-giving special
    When gifts are exchanged, set up two chairs side-by-side. Decorate one with bows and balloons and designate it the birthday princess chair. The second chair is for the gift-giver. This acknowledges the giver and allows the birthday girl the opportunity to express thanks immediately (rather than searching the noisy crowd for the right person to thank).

    Take the opportunity to snap a photo to help remember the occasion. (This will also come in handy when sending thank you notes.)

  • Give theme-based party favors
    When guests leave, walk them to the door and thank them for coming. Give guests a princess party favor bag. These party favors can be purchased from many party supply stores or you can build them yourself.

  • Send princess thank-you notes
    A true princess never forgets to send thank you notes for gifts she receives. Homemade thank you notes are very personalized and appreciated by friends.

    If your child helps make thank you notes, make them over several days so she does not get burned out. Include a photo of the guest with her hostess or include a small photo memory book of the party.

    To save time, purchase the thank-you notes. Party supply stores often sell matching invitation and thank you notes.

  • Remember the party
    After a magical party, take the time to ensure it will be remembered. Scrapbooking, photo books and party videos are some ideas to keep the memory fresh.

  • Write down what worked
    In spite of all your foresight and planning with the Princess Party Checklist, unexpected things will probably occur at the party. Write your thoughts down so you can remember them for future parties.

Final Thoughts
This Princess Party Checklist is a great start to your princess party. The amount of personalization for your party depends upon your available time. Most people purchase standard invitations, supply kits and decorations. If you have more time, personalize the party as appropriate.

Print out this Princess Party Checklist and refer to it during your party planning. Remember to have fun and let your little princess enjoy her day.

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