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It is always a good time to find the perfect princess costume for a princess party, Halloween a special gift or for dress up. There are many adorable costumes that are sure to please your little princess.

Top Costume Suppliers
There are several wonderful online sources for princess dress up costumes. Below are our top recommendations for online costume suppliers.

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Top Princess Costumes

Check out our recommendations for popular princess costumes.

Fairy Tale Princess size 2-4

Fairy Tale Princess

Includes: Dress and batteries. Does not include shoes or crown.

Princess Juliet Child Costume-Small (4-6)

Princess Juliet Child Costume

Includes dress and headpiece. Does not include shoes.

Star Wars Princess Leia Child Costume - Medium

Star Wars Princess Leia Child Costume

Includes: Dress,Wig,Belt. Does not inlcude shoes. Due to a style change by the manufacturer the wig differs slightly from shown,please see alternate image for new wig style.

Pink Kimono Princess Child Costume - 4/6

Pink Kimono Princess Child Costume

Includes headpiece,dress and obi sash. Does not include fan shown in headpiece.

Spanish Princess Child Costume - Small (4/6)

Spanish Princess Child Costume

Includes dress and headpiece. Does not include tights or shoes.

There are also several Disney princess costumes to choose from.

Costume Care

No matter where you order a costume online, it will arrive folded up for shipping. Remember to hang the costume immediately after it arrives to eliminate wrinkles. Another option is to hang the costume in the bathroom during a shower to steam the wrinkles out.

Be sure to read the costume care instructions. Some costumes are spot-clean only and some can be washed.

If your little girl is like mine, she has accumulated a lot of dress up. To keep the clothes in good condition for a long time, find a place to hang them up. While it may be easy to throw all the costumes into a toy box, this habit will lead to wrinkles, tears and stains. We have a section of my daughter's closet where we hang only dress-up clothes. All her princess dresses and accessories are neatly hung and all her dress-up shoes are in a canvas box.

Make Your Own Princess Ensemble

If you want to put your own princess attire together, you may not need to look any further than Mommy's closet. One of her dresses and a pair high heels can also be a good princess-like costume. Add some jewelry, make-up and hair accessories and the princess look is complete.

If you are interested in making your own princess or fairy costume, you will be pleased at how easy it is to make princess skirts or fairy skirts with instructions on They are easy princess crafts that can be made at home and used for dress up, parties, gifts or Halloween.

In addition, you can easily make your own princess crown and princess wand to add to the ensemble.

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