3-Layered Tulle Princess Skirt

Fluffy and Fun Dress-Up

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If your little princess loves to dress up, surprise her with a cute princess skirt. It is an simple princess craft project and can be completed in just over an hour.

A tulle skirt requires very few supplies. You can personalize the skirt by combining different colored tulle, adding embellishments such as flowers, ribbons and bows and varying the number of layers.

The pictured princess skirt has three layers of tulle, making it very fluffy. If you do not want the skirt to be so fluffy, you can use one or two layers of tulle and follow the directions below. If you would like to see more details on a single-layer princess skirt, check out the princess skirt instructions on http://www.Make-Easy-Crafts.com.


princess skirt

  • 3 colors of 6” wide tulle (6” tulle comes on a spool – much easier than cutting tulle)

  • Elastic

  • Needle and thread or sewing machine

  • Scissors

  • Yard stick


  1. Measure the waist of the princess receiving the skirt.

  2. Cut the elastic to the waist measurement, adding 1/4 inch for seam.

  3. Sew the ends of the elastic together forming a loop.

  4. Measure the length you would like the skirt to be. Double this measurement. This is the length you will cut the tulle.

  5. Cut 30-40 pieces of each color of tulle.

    princess skirt

  6. Make a pile of each color tulle. For example, I have one pile each of purple, lavender and pink.

  7. Take one piece of tulle from each pile and lay them together. My first pile of tulle had purple on the top, lavender in the middle and pink on the bottom.

  8. Holding the ends of the three pieces of tulle, tie them in a double knot around the elastic band. (See pictures.)

    princess skirtprincess skirt

  9. Make another pile of tulle with the three colors. Use a different color order this time. I used lavender on the top, pink in the middle and purple on the bottom.

  10. Holding the ends of the tulle, tie them in a double knot around the elastic band.

  11. Repeat using a different color order of tulle.

    Placing the tulle in a different order adds a variety of color arrangement to the skirt. However, this is optional. If you prefer, keep the tulle color order the same.

  12. Pull the tulle knots as close together as possible. This makes the skirt fluffy. It also helps cover up the elastic, which you do not want to show.

    princess skirt

  13. Keep tying tulle knots and scrunching the knots close together until the entire elastic band is covered.

    For some variety, add a single color of tulle in various spots. For example, I wanted the skirt to look darker so I used only dark purple tulle every other knot. You could add the single color every two or three knots or you could do five in a row to be the front center of the skirt.

    Hint: add the pattern after you are almost finished covering the elastic.

  14. For even more skirt personalization, add sparkle ribbon or flower embellishments at the end.

There are endless variations to this princess skirt. Use colors and embellishments to add variety. This princess craft project makes a great gift and is wonderful for dress up or as a princess party costume.

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