Magical Snow White Activities
For the Fairest Guests of All

Snow White activities can be a blast at your princess party. Here is a list of a few of our favorite activities.

Fairest in the Land

Preparation: Supply a variety of dress-up clothes and shoes. Prepare a table with play makeup and another table with hair items such as combs, clips and ribbons. Place a mirror, preferably a full-length mirror, next to the tables.

Directions: As the guests arrive, direct them to dress up as the “fairest in the land”. When finished, take their picture with the birthday girl. This photo will come in useful when sending thank you notes.

Seven Dwarves Guess-Who

Preparation: Gather drawing paper, crayons, colored pencils and markers. Write the names of the seven dwarves on slips of paper.

Directions: When guests arrive, give them drawing paper and a slip of paper with the name of a dwarf. Instruct them not to show anyone the name. The guests then draw a picture of their dwarf, and attempt to make his facial expression look like his name. They can add anything else to their drawing except words.

When finished, hang the pictures in the party room for decoration. After all the pictures are on the wall, have the guests try to guess the name of each dwarf.

Whistle While You Work

Preparation: Write the name of several familiar songs on slips of paper. Provide crackers (optional).

Directions: Teach guests how to whistle and let them practice.

If they already know how to whistle, give them a slip of paper with the name of a song. Instruct them to whistle the tune while the other guests try to guess what the song is.

Optional: To add a challenge, give the whistler a cracker to chew. When the cracker is mashed up in their cheeks, have them try to whistle the song while the guests guess the song.

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