Cinderella Stories Make Great Gifts

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Cinderella stories make great gifts for princesses who can't get enough Cinderella. There are many books with different versions of Cinderella. Here are some of our favorites.

Cindy Ellen: A Wild Western Cinderella
Written by Susan Lowell
Illustrated by Jane Manning

Grab your spurs and cowgirl hat for this western Cinderella story. When Cindy Ellen’s father marries “the orneriest woman west of the Mississippi”, cowgirl Cindy Ellen is forced to do all the dirty work around the ranch. When the big cattle king invites everyone to a rodeo and square dance, it will take Cindy Ellen’s golden six-gun slinging fairy godmother to help her out. In addition to diamond-studded spurs, a creamy white Stetson hat and a silver horse, Cindy Ellen’s fairy godmother bestows some gumption on the young cowgirl. After winning the rodeo, meeting rodeo champion Joe Prince and square dancing the night away, Cindy Ellen runs home before the spell is broken. She loses one of her diamond spurs and this is Joe Prince’s only clue to her identity.

This is a fun, humorous Cinderella story that would make a wonderful Cinderella gift or unique western Cinderella-themed party.

Cinder Edna
Written by Ellen Jackson
Illustrated by Kevin O’Malley

Cinder Ella and Cinder Edna are next door neighbors. Cinder Edna and Cinder Ella both have stepmothers who force them to do all the work, but instead of sitting in the cinders at the end of the day, Cinder Edna fills her spare time with learning new recipes, new jokes and doing odd jobs for the neighbors for pay. When the royal ball is announced Cinder Ella must be rescued by her fairy godmother and Cinder Edna takes care of herself (buying her own dress and taking the bus to the ball). At the ball the prince immediately falls for Cinder Ella and his younger brother who runs the recycling shop in the back falls for Cinder Edna. When the clock strikes midnight and the two brothers find the shoes left behind, they each come up with their own way to find the girl of their dreams.

Multi-cultural Cinderella Stories

Cendrillon: A Caribbean Cinderella
Written by Robert D. San Souci
Illustrated by Brian Pinkney

This Cinderella tale takes place in the Caribbean and is told from the perspective of the godmother who inherited a mahogany wand from her mother. Cendrillon’s godmother was poor and often worked side by side with Cendrillon who was ill-treated by her stepmother. When Cendrillon expresses her desire to go to the birthday party ball for the handsome Paul, her godmother uses the wand. Then Cendrillon with her godmother chaperone attend the ball, but leave at midnight before the magic is undone. Cendrillon loses her embroidered slipper in the departure and Paul finds it and begins a search for her. In this Cinderella story, Cendrillon want Paul to love her as she is, rather than as she appeared at the ball.

Domitila: A Cinderella Tale form the Mexican Tradition
Adapted by Jewell Reinhart Coburn
Illustrated by Connie McLennan

Domitilia lived in the Mexican state of Hidalgo with her parents on a poor ranch. Her mother always taught her to do “every task with care, and always add a generous dash of love”. After their home is destroyed and her mother turns ill, Domitilia begins work as a cook in the governor’s mansion to earn money for her family. Her delicious food catches the attention of the governor’s son. When she learns her mother is not well, Domitilia returns home. Timoteo travels Mexico in search of Domitilia. When he finds her, they marry and Domitilia teaches Timoteo kind ways bringing prosperity and good will to the citizens they govern.

The Korean Cinderella
Written by Shirley Climo
Illustrated by Ruth Heller

When Pear Blossom is born, her parents are thrilled. However, her mother passes away and the village matchmaker arranges a marriage for her father to a cruel woman with a daughter. Pear Blossom’s stepmother wants to get rid of her so each day she gives Pear Blossom impossible tasks to complete. However, Pear Blossom is helped by magical creatures. On the day of the festival a magic bull helps Pear Blossom and as she is heading to the festival, the magistrate passes by. Flustered Pear Blossom loses her sandal and runs away. After recovering the sandal, the magistrate searches the festival for Pear Blossom.

The Irish Cinderlad
Written by Shirley Climo
Illustrated by Loretta Krupinski

An Irish boy named Becan had large feet and a mean stepmother who sent him to be a herdboy. Becan befriends a bull who magically provides food for him as well as a magic tail. The magic tail helps him defeat a giant and gain the giants boots (which fit his huge feet perfectly). The tail also helps Becan defeat a dragon and save a princess. But when Becan rides off to escape his stepsisters, he leaves a boot behind which the princess finds and uses to search for him.

Prince Cinders
Written by Babette Cole

Prince Cinders is small and skinny with three big hairy brothers who always go to the disco with princesses, leaving Prince Cinders to clean up after them. A well-meaning fairy accidently turns Prince Cinders into a hairy monkey. Believing he is handsome he goes to the ball, but cannot fit in the doors. At the bus stop he meets a princess who is frightened by his appearance until he returns to his normal self at midnight. Too shy to talk to the princess, he runs off leaving his pants behind. True love will conquer as the fabulous princess searches for the one who fits the pants and then teams up with the fairy to teach Cinder’s brothers a lesson.

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