Essential Cinderella Party Supplies
To Enhance Your Princess Party

Cinderella party supplies add a special touch to enhance your theme. Look for paper products in Cinderella colors, such as light blue, pink, white and silver.

Cinderella Party Kits
Many party stores have princess party kits, which are convenient and usually somewhat cheaper than purchasing the paper products individually. To find the most charming Cinderella party products at the best prices, we highly recommend the following party suppliers. They offer kits with all the essential supplies you will need for your party. Listed below are our top recommendations for traditional Cinderella party supplies, as well as our top recommendations for unique princess party supplies. Compare products and prices to find your preference. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of the selection.

Party Suppliers with Disney Cinderella Items

Celebrate Express

Birthday in a Box!

Party Suppliers With Unique Princess and Feminine Items

Designed 2B Sweet

Unique Birthday Party Invitations

Tiny Prints Personalized Birthday Party Invitations

Buying Individual Items For the Celebration
Be aware that most kits are eight-count kits. It may be necessary to purchase additional plates, utensils, cups and napkins as a supplement to the party kit if more than eight guests are expected.

In addition, sometimes there may be items in the kit that you just are not interested in. If you choose to purchase the items separately, make sure to include these basic essentials:
  • Tablecloth
  • Centerpiece
  • Large plates (if serving food in addition to cake)
  • Cake plates
  • Plastic utensils (spoons, forks & knives)
  • Paper cups
  • Napkins

Table Decorations
Some kits may include a tablecloth and princess centerpieces. However, if you want to add your special touch, check out our suggestions.

  • Let the guests decorate the table covering.
    Cover the table with white or pink butcher paper. Provide crayons, markers and stickers and allow the guests to decorate the table covering themselves.

  • Decorate the table covering before the party.
    Cover the table with butcher paper and use your own artistic ability to draw a castle or other scene from the fairy tale. Or if you prefer, use stamps and stickers to make a royal border.

  • Purchase mini Cinderella figures to use as table decorations.
    There are many mini princess toys that add a nice touch to the table. They make a great item to add to your guest's party favor bag.

  • Use pumpkins as table decoration.
    If pumpkins are out of season, paint styrofoam balls orange to look like a pumpkin and glue leaves on the top.

Cinderella Party Supplies
Little girls really love eating off a Cinderella plate and drinking from a Cinderella cup. Cinderella-themed party supplies really do add the magical touch to your special occasion.

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