Unique Cinderella Activities
To Add a Little Magic to the Party

Plan one or two Cinderella activities for the party. The most important thing to remember is to plan activities that the party princess enjoys doing. Listed below are some of our favorite ideas.

For the Creative Guests
Do your guests have a creative flair? Have them make a coach out of a pumpkin (or an orange styrofoam ball if pumpkins are out of season). Little princesses can use colored markers or nontoxic paint on pumpkins. Older children can carve the pumpkin, adding craft supplies you have provided.

Cinderella Guess-Who Game
Prepare small index cards with the name of characters from the Cinderella Story. Include these characters: Cinderella, Anastasia, Druzella, the Stepmother, the Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming, the Grand Duke, Gus, Jaq, Lucifer the cat, Bruno the dog and the King.

Make duplicate cards if the party is large. For non-readers, simply put a picture or sticker of the character on the card.

Tape the cards to the back of each person. Everyone guesses what name is on their card. To do this, they must ask other players only yes and no questions. Based on the answers they make their guess.

Kids love this game, but very young children may need some extra help.

Dressing Up For the Ball
Prepare a box of fancy dress up clothes, costume jewelry and shoes. Set up a nearby area with brushes, combs, and hair clips and bows. Don’t forget to set up a mirror, preferably a full-length mirror.

When guests arrive, direct them to the dress up area and instruct them to begin dressing for the ball. Play princess music or any other music they can dance to.

When they are finished dressing up, they can dance to princess music. Take their picture with the birthday girl. This makes a great picture to include when sending the thank you note.

Cinderella Coloring Activity
Set out Cinderella coloring pages, along with crayons and colored pencils. When pages are finished, hang them around the room for the other guests to admire. Remember to send the pages home with the guests.

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